A static website for a Designer. Written in plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a little Vue for a simple image carousel and filter.

Webites that are beautifully designed are usually slow and spaghetti under the hood. Conversely: websites that are well-made often aren't much to look at. Striking the balance in this trade-off is key to a well crafted website.

Monolith of Minds blog
A custom theme for a Ghost blog. Created using the Handlebars template language, HTML, and CSS.

Most websites have too many fonts with too many sizes, poor color choices, and inconsistent designs that distract rather than clarify. Implementing an appropriate typeface and type-scale, simple color scheme, and consistent rules is the base for a good design.

A portfolio website for the Composer JJay Berthume, which features embedded audio. Created with plain HTML and CSS.
Jefferson Associated Council PT Defense
Website for Public Defenders. Built with HTML and CSS.
Website for a Lawyer. Built with HTML and CSS.

Working face-to-face with clients, you can get a sense of what they value and can incorporate that in the work. If you do it right it will resonate with them.

Owl Sprit Cafe Better Living Coffee
Website for a restaurant. Built with HTML, CSS, and Vue.
Website for a coffee shop. Built with HTML and CSS.